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Craps is a game that’s intimidating for beginners. There are other dice games, though, where you can practice your skills with low stakes and have more fun!

Craps Variations

Crapless Craps, Big 6 Wheel, Farkle and Sic Bo are other variations you can try playing.

Sic Bo is a dice game from China with two different betting options. Your goal is to get three three-of-a-kind rolls before your opponent does. If you win the bet, you will win even money on your wager.

You can also make an illegal gamble by rolling one die nine times without throwing any doubles. If you do not roll a double after nine rolls, you will automatically win the bet!

Going out of the Normal

Crapless Craps is another dice game that doesn’t use the traditional craps rules. Instead of rolling two or three dice at once, players alternate turns rolling one die at a time in order to come up with different numbers on each turn. The player who has the most points when they stop rolling wins the game.