Centre’s move: Regulation on the Gambling and Online Gaming

In a draft revision in the 2021 rules of the Information Technology (Intermediary Liability and Digital Media Ethics Code), the government of Union proposed an action for regulating online gaming which left unresolved questions.


Some Proposed Measures

Industry bodies that represent corporations have promoted some of the following actions: A self-regulatory organization has already been established, participants have already been asked to provide know-your-customer (KYC) information, and a grievance officer has already been appointed by the corporation. Additionally, by launching legal challenges and arguing that they provide skill-based games rather than only games of chance, the industry has so far managed to fend off several bans. However, this argument is weak when it comes to real money gaming. Still, the Colonial Public Gambling Act of 1867 and state gambling laws prohibit the physical play of games that include betting.


Goal of Regulation of Gaming and Gambling Online

According to the government, the objective is to support the industry’s development rather than obstruct it. Additionally, it has stated that it will work to reduce “violent, addictive, or sexual material” in video games in the future. To maintain a balance between economic rights, individual liberties, and societal imperatives, there should be extensive public inquiry.