Jet Thunder will feature:

- 6 flyable aircraft models, with accurate cockpits, onboard systems, weapons and performance. They're as follows:

  • McDonnel Douglas A-4 Skyhawk (Argentine A-4B, A-4C and carrier-based A-4Q)
  • AMD Mirage IIIEA (and israeli-built Mirage export model IAI Nesher/Dagger)
  • FMA IA-58 Pucará
  • BAe Sea Harrier FRS.1
  • BAe Harrier Gr.3
  • AMD Super Etendard
    (detailed information about the aircraft types listed above will be available soon.)

    - Campaign based in the historical events of 1982, with a complete Air Order of Battle featuring more than 50 different AI aircraft.

    - Historically accurate Naval Order of Battle, featuring more than 40 different ship models (frigates, cruisers, aircraft carriers, container ships, LCUs, submarines...)

    - Complex terrain engine enabling high quality textures for low altitude flight feeling as well as good high altitude visualization, with aprox. 70% of the argentinean Patagonia region as well as an high quality terrain mesh of the Falkland/Malvinas islands (based on accurate SRTM data).

    - Land-based air operations in the following airbases:

    BAM-Comodoro Rivadavia
    BAM-San Julian
    BAM-Santa Cruz
    BAM-Río Gallegos
    BAM-Río Grande
    (detailed information about the above airbases will be available here soon.)

    - Carrier-based air operations in the following aircraft carriers:

    HMS Hermes
    HMS Invincible
    ARA 25 de Mayo
    (detailed information about the above vessels will be available here soon.)

- Complex/realistic operation and limits of the onboard radar of the Sea Harrier FRS.1 (Ferranti Blue Fox, based on the Seaspray radar used by naval Lynx helicopters), also of the Agave radar of the Super Etendard, and finally, the Thomson-CSF Cyrano II of the Mirage IIIEA. The other flyables have no radar, but their equipment will be fully represented (gunsight, navigation, RWR, weapon deployment, trim, engine/fuel operation).

- Full V/STOL flight model for the Harrier/Sea Harrier, realistically based on vectored thrust vector, rotating within the limits of the real plane's nozzle system, not the augmented flap performance as seen in other flight sims.

- Range of single missions, based on historical missions, on either argentine or british side. Full Mission Editor will be available so players can make their own missions and share with other players.

- Complex Air-Sea-Battle campaign system: based in a "commanding AI" that will give orders to naval, air and ground AI units based in the current tactical situation, the player will fly in an enviroment that may change unpredicably, so, although based on historical order of battle, equipment and resources/logistics, the outcome of the campaign can be different.

- Multiplayer modes: dogfight room, cooperative, and online-campaign.

- Fully scalable realism options, for a less steeper learning curve: no stalls/spins, no crash, simple radar, unlimited weapons, no wind/turbulence, missile effectiveness slider, no cockpit, and others.

- Range of training missions for each aircraft, focused on main aspects for each plane: twin-prop flight (Pucará), V/STOL operation (Harrier), carrier operations (Super Etendard, A-4, Sea Harrier), supersonic flight (Mirage).

- Possibility of inclusion of new, accurate "in-house made" flyables, depending on interest (Vulcan bomber or Aermacchi MB-339 for example) in a later expansion pack.

- Moddability: aircraft paints can be customized, and tools will be available to create new terrains and campaigns - for example, american A-4's carrier-based in a Midway Class carrier (instead of the ARA 25 de Mayo) for a Southwest Asian campaign mod.*

* This covers the single-player aspect; we're still pondering about the best balance to avoid problems with the multiplayer aspect.


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